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Our costumer reviews in Austin, TX 

Those reviews copied from our Google my Business listing 


USA Bee Removal was great. Came out on the same day and safely removed a beehive from the exterior wall of my house. They saved the bees and placed them in a new hive. Thank you!  

Bee Removal

Ryan Brigante

I had a massive beehive with thousands of bees on the side of my house, and Mahmood thoroughly handled the situation. He removed the bees, removed some wood to expose the hive, removed the hive, scraped the honey off the house, and sealed the cracks with foam so they could never get in again. He guaranteed his work and made several return visits to make sure everything was okay. He even cleaned the patio from the foam and dead bees. We had several other beekeepers try to help us, and they got overwhelmed and ultimately couldn't finish the job. Mahmood came through in the clutch!

Bee Removal

Manuel Morales

Amazing work! I am pleased and can’t stop talking about how my house is a happy home again. Thank you for taking care of the bees in a safe and professional way. My fiend in the city of Lakeway will hear from you very soon. Thank you again for all your hard work. We need more people like your company to keep Texas homes safe without hurting the bees of our state.

Bee Removal

Michael Rogers

Fast, professional service at a fair price! Couldn’t be happier with Mahmoud’s work, his love for beekeeping is obvious, and he even left the honey for us to enjoy! Was able to come the same day, which nobody else was willing to do. You won’t be disappointed!!

Bee Removal

melissa nelson

Mahmood showed up within less that 24 hrs notice and completed a bee hive removal. He texted/emailed throughout the day to give me an ETA and then called upon arrival. Took before/after pictures which was super cool to see!! The removal was done through our external siding and he even put it back together when he was done. Great job and very professional. He said the work is also guaranteed for 1 year.

Bee Removal

Global Awakening

This guy completed work at my elderly neighbor's home and the bee issue is resolved! After calling around, he had the best price and was able to come out same day. I feel like everybody won: no more bees in her place, no bees coming for me in my yard anymore and the bees have a new place to call home where they can do their bee thang Just wanted to write a quick thanks to USA Bee Removal for making our cul de sac safe again

Bee Removal

Kyle Campbell


Very pleased with the work that he did stands behind his work it was a great experience highly recommended!

Bee Removal
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