Besides removing, we also remove hornets, wasp, and yellow jackets.

The two common types of wasps that we remove are the mud dauber wasp and the paper wasp. The paper wasp nest is greyish white in color and has honeycomb that has a flat design. The mud dauber nest often resembles a small constricted patch of mud. Both have variations and depend on the duration they have been there.

Yellow jackets and Hornets commonly build circular-greyish paper color ceilings especially in trees on or the ground. They can be very aggressive and normally require to be eliminated in order to get rid of them.


This aggressive insect builds their nests during the summer period. The wasp nest should be acquired when they are just starting out. A small wasp can eventually burst out forming multiple nests especially if left untreated. The most common places that we get wasp nest are in the eaves of sheds and homes and under the edge of the roof line.

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