Bee Removal USA offers various services that will work out your bee problem. Apart from performing live bee swarm removals; we will as well relocate these bees to an apiary, beekeeper, or farm. Our live bee removals are not only pesticide- free but are also environmentally friendly. If bees are a threat to you, we can help you the bees problem. Additionally, we can offer the traditional bee eliminations if the bees become aggressive hence putting your family at high risk. We have been licensed as experts of the Africanized bees, a species that is a threat in USA. If the bees build a hive near or inside your home, we can efficiently extract these hives from chimneys, roofs, walls, under sheds and any other areas that bees can build a hive. In particular cases, we do ”bee proof” areas in which hives have been removed to prevent bees from re-entering.