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Bee Removal

Bee Removal USA | Chemical Free Pest Removal Services in Austin Texas

This how the Bees Build their Colonies inside your House

Austin Texas Bee Removal & Relocation Services.

Since the honey bee is considered to be the most beneficial of all insect. we offer Live bee removal and saving the bees will be accomplished by our experts beekeepers who will then relocate the bees to safer places, Also we  help whoever is requesting the bee removal to keep them in a hive box. 



we use our trap out techniques to do Bee

removal when we can’t get to the Honey comb.

the trap out method will do the job. When

explaining to potential customers the general

process of removing bees, many become

perplexed when they realize that the location

of the honey beehive makes it impossible to

cutout the comb. But they are very relieved

when they hear how to remove bees using

trap out method, Most of these customers are ready to give up and just spray the honey bee hive entrance and hope for the best.

But, our  method that will remove the bees even in the hardest [or impossible] to reach locations:


Trap out bee hive removals – Require time and lots of miles for site visits.

Trap Outs take 3– 5 weeks depending on the size of the colony and the amount of resources and brood in the hive.

we Remove the Bees Using Trap Out method.

Killer Bees

We Have the ability to regenerate the Africanized bees to less aggressive bees by requeen the hive. Also our company specialize in beekeeping and Bee removal, we are ready to remove the Bees from your property and relocate them to safer places. Also we can help you with your agriculture exemption for your property taxes through installing some beehives in your property by following with your county's regulations.

Visit the videos below to learn more about Killer bees.

After removing

Hornets nest

We Know you don't want to see wasps or Hornets nest in your home. If you want your home get back safe call us.

No matter the issue, our USA Bee Removal Company has the tools and skills to provide a safe remedy. We hold high standards for our technicians to ensure a consistent level of professional results. Take back your home by contacting us today!

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We remove the bees from your property and relocate them to safer place.



we ready to to come and serve you by using our experience to remove bees colonies and wasps colonies and make your house safer.

we serving Austin Texas and surrounding areas.



we help you to get your agricultural exemption for your property, and lower your tax property, by having some beehives in your land.


our project is saving our Honey bees and improving our environment.



After our service we give our clients six months warranty.

our customers get a discount for the first service.

Bee Removal USA | Honey Bee Removal Services in Austin, Texas