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BeeRemovalUSA traces its roots back to 2012 in Colorado and since then have never looked back. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted bee removal companies in the USA branching to more cities. For more than 3 years, BeeRemovalUSA has offered a wide range of bee related services in many cities of United States.

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.





It is our goal to offer you the best possible bee removal service available.
If you aren't 100% satisfied with your removal, we will give 110% money back guarantee.

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Why Should You Hire A Professional Bee Removal Service?

Identify the Bee Species

Houston Bee removalHere in Houston, there are many opportunities that your home will be infected by bees. There are all types of bees, some more dangerous than others like the African species. And the species can be identified by the home in which they live or their physical appearance. Some species of bees are the bumble bee, carpenter bee, mud-dauber, bald faced Hornet, yellow jacket and then the ever popular honeybee. Each type has a preference of where to live; the yellow jacket has a grey nest made of paper. A horizontal comb may be the paper wasp. The honeybees produce wax combs filled with honey. Discovering the Hive When you find a hive or nest of bees do not follow your first instinct of trying to rid your space of the intruder. Take a mental note of where they are and what type you think they might be but do not “poke the bear!” Multiple bee stings could result in a health risk for you especially if you are allergic to the venom in the stinger. And depending on the species the attack could end in catastrophe.

What to Do If Attacked

bee pest removalCertain species of bees are more aggressive than others and just you walking by could provoke an attack. So if you accidently “poke the bear” and find yourself under attack RUN! Try to protect your face while you run as fast as you can to your house, car or any place you can close yourself in for protection. And if you are highly allergic seek medical treatment immediately.

Poisonous insecticides

The use of poison will kill all the bees but cause more problems than just the bee infestation. First the poison will kill the bees but the ones who make it out can carry the poison to other hives which could result in a destructive event on the species and it exposes you and your family to the insecticide. The other reason poison is not a good idea for bee removal is the dead carcasses of the bees can attract other pests that will come to feed on the leftovers. This situation could result in more damage to your property and cost you bundles.   honey bee removalHoneybees are the usual intruders that need removed although the many different businesses dedicated to this service will tackle most every type of bees. The system used to remove the hives is more humane and definitely insecticide free. In the case of honeybees removal the most common way used is to gently vacuum the bees into a special container to relocate to a new home. And the technician will make sure to get the Queen bee so as not to have another infestation. The experts know how to safely preform bee removal without exposing you to the danger. Although the technician is at risk to be stung they wear a bee keepers uniform for the protection from the risk, and are trained for this task.

Cleaning the Area

After the removal of the bees and/or hive the area must be cleaned to remove the odor that could be left behind. Also if the removal was for honeybees the wax comb will need not become your next problem. There may be a chance that you can keep the honey!

Sealing the Opening

The opening to the cavern or space where the bees had been residing must be sealed after the cleaning process. If the space is left open you can expect to go through the bee removal process every year when the bees come carrying their little suitcases to move back in. And sealing the opening will prevent other pests from finding the vacant home and claiming “squatter rights”! Overview To recap your eventful experience for future reference, you found a massive bee problem on your property. The lesson in not trying to remove the hive yourself due to possible and probable stinging attack is one you will always remember. And finally the best response is for bee removal to come in like the “ghostbusters” to remove and relocate. With the humane bee removal there is never any danger of poison exposure for the bee or for you. And most of the bee removal companies have "bee keeper” locations to place the honeybee colony so they may continue their very beneficial work in crop and flower pollination. Which means the honey you enjoy in your oatmeal of coffee, or as a skin softener is healthy for you and totally free of the poisonous insecticides.

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